Music therapy. (1989 edition.)

Side 1.

Kingdom of Rain, The The and Sinead O’Conner

Be Still My Beating Heart, Sting

Verdi Cries, 10,000 Maniacs

Closedown, The Cure

All Come True, World Party

Suedehead, Morrissey

What If We Give It Away, REM

Tomorrow’s World, Joe Jackson

Smoke Rings, Winter Hours

Side 2.

Sweet Thing, The Waterboys

Hounds of Love, Kate Bush

Take a Chance With Me, Roxy Musicv

That Voice Again, Peter Gabriel

Sinking, The Cure

Forever Live and Die, OMD

Ceremony, New Order

Coming Up Close, ‘Til Tuesday

Rubber Ring, The Smiths

Riot Act, Elvis Costello

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